(Part 2) Finnish Calendar: A Journey Through Public Holidays in Finland

(Part 2) Finnish Calendar: A Journey Through Public Holidays in Finland

In our last blog, we sorted out the Finnish holidays from January to May 2024. Now, we're ready to share the rest of the Finnish holidays in the remaining months of the year. Now, take your calendar. Let's mark down these dates together!

Jun 21 (Fri) Midsummer's Eve
Jun 22 (Sat) Midsummer Day

Midsummer in Finland is about celebrating the summer solstice with friends and family at a cozy cottage away from the city. Whether you want to party or just chill next to a lake, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the fun. In addition, in Finnish summer, the sun never fully sets. At some time in northern Finland, the sun is up all day. Isn't that cool?


Nov 2 (Sat) All Saints' Day

All Saints' Day is a religious day. However, in the past two decades, it somehow turned into Halloween. Costume Party has more reasons to go out and celebrate, especially for young people.


Dec 6 (Fri) Independence Day

Independence Day is the day for Finnish people to celebrate with the country's pride. On this day, people dress in white and blue, since the colors of the Finnish national flag combined with these colors. It's a day when citizens come together to reflect, honor, and express their deep connection to their homeland.


Dec 24 (Tue) Christmas Eve
Dec 25 (Wed) Christmas Day
Dec 26 (Thu) 2nd Day of Christmas

Christmas holds immense significance in Finland. In the big cities, the Christmas market is the place that offers a magical atmosphere where people can find Glögi, handicraft stuff, etc. People celebrate Christmas with family. Christmas meal is full of Finnish traditional Christmas food, such as huge ham, Christmas bread, mashed potato, etc. Following this feast, the highlights of the evening are when people open their own Christmas gifts next to the Christmas tree.

We've known through all the Finnish holidays in 2024. Which holiday is the one that you can not wait to immerse in that atmosphere? Before you celebrate your holidays, check out our online shop! https://kikishomebox.com/collections/all

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