Getting around Finland: Public transportation options

Getting around Finland: Public transportation options

The Finnish transportation system seamlessly connects cities, offering travelers a range of convenient options:


The Train Network The train network in Finland, operated by VR, provides diverse services catering to different traveler needs. From pet-friendly cars to sleeping cars and eco-class options, passengers have a variety of choices. A restaurant car is also available on the train. Before buying the train ticket, download the VR application, a user-friendly travel app. It notifies you which platform you should go, to and where is the train location currently, and other transfer information.


Helsinki Helsinki stands as the sole city in Finland equipped with a metro system, offering residents and visitors an efficient way to navigate the capital city. It is the railway connection that spans from the eastern suburbs of Helsinki to the western suburbs of Espoo, ultimately reaching downtown Helsinki.


Air Travel Finnish territory is vast, spanning considerable distances. Sometimes, traveling by plane is a more convenient and time-saving option. The northern cities are popular destinations during the snowy season. For example, destinations like Levi, Rovaniemi, and Inari are popular. Visiting Santa's village, or downhill skiing are the famous activities to do during the snowy season.


Helsinki and Tampere Helsinki and Tampere are the cities in Finland that have trams as one option of transportation, providing residents and visitors with an efficient way to navigate urban areas.


Ferries provide convenient transportation across the Baltic Sea to Estonia and Sweden. Passengers can enjoy tax-free shopping, restaurants, and entertainment activities onboard. Additionally, there are sleeping cabins available for passengers who choose to stay overnight during the journey.

Finland offers several convenient public transportation options for residents and travelers. What transportation would you choose for your next trip? Before your next trip, don't forget to check out our online store and follow our social media channels for more living tips in Finland!

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