(Part 1) Finnish Calendar: A Journey Through Public Holidays in Finland

(Part 1) Finnish Calendar: A Journey Through Public Holidays in Finland

A new year, 2024 has brightly started and there are 15 national holidays in Finland this year. Usually, people have holidays during these national holidays. So, take your calendar and mark these holidays for your 2024 holidays.

Jan 1 (Mon) New Year's Day

Dec 31 is the only day for allowing shooting fireworks without permission between 6 pm to January 1, 2 am in Finland, and people can buy different kinds of fireworks from supermarkets, and enjoy stunning fireworks during that time!

Jan 6 (Sat) Epiphany

Epiphany Day is a religious day, people remove Christmas trees and decorations in their homes on this day. Also, the decorations will be removed away on the streets. It means the Christmas session is over on this day.

Mar 29 (Fri) Good Friday
Mar 31 (Sun) Easter Day
Apr 1 (Mon) Easter Day

Good Friday and Easter Day are religious days. Lamb, chocolate eggs, and Mämmi are the Finnish traditional Easter food and desserts, people can easily buy them from stores and supermarkets. However, you can also search for recipes online if you want to bake on your holidays.

May 1 (Thu) May Day

May Day aka. Labor Day is one of the biggest holidays in Finland. In Finish, people call'' Vappu'' People celebrate in restaurants, in the city square with their Vappu hats. May Day is an interesting holiday in Finland. We will elaborate in more detail when May Day is approaching.

May 9 (Thu) Ascension Day

Ascension Day is a religious holiday. On Ascension Day, some churches put out the Easter candle, and in a few places, people might even have processions as part of their celebration.

Stay tuned for our next blog, get ready to dive into the second half of the Finnish holiday calendar for 2024, spanning from June to December. The most significant holidays will be within the timeframe - can you guess which ones? Join us for another round of Finnish celebrations. Brace yourselves for another dose of awesome celebrations! Get ready to dive into the fun! You can also check our online shop after you've marked the holidays on your calendar. https://kikishomebox.com/collections/all

(Part 2) Finnish Calendar: A Journey Through Public Holidays in Finland:

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