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Monthly Subscription of Tax Deductible Office Essentials

Comfort and well being 

Your workspace should be a place of comfort and inspiration. That's why we include personal care items alongside office and cleaning supplies, ensuring your environment supports your well-being throughout the workday.

Easy workspace management

Simplify your home office setup with our curated selection of office essentials and cleaning supplies. Say goodbye to running errands and juggling multiple vendors – we've got you covered with everything you need in one convenient package.


Easier tax benefits

Take advantage of our easy B2B invoicing system to effortlessly track and claim tax refunds on your workspace expenses. From coffee to cleaning materials, every purchase becomes a tax-deductible business expense, maximizing your savings and efficiency.


How Our Subscription Works!


Sign up for our all-inclusive Essentials Package, carefully crafted to meet the needs of your home office. More packages coming soon!

Set your delivery schedule

Choose how often you'd like to receive your Essentials Package: monthly, biweekly, or weekly. We'll ensure timely deliveries to keep your workspace fully stocked.

Enjoy Awesomeness

Sit back and relax, your package is on its way to your doorstep.

Every office essentials pack Includes

  • 1 Premium Pen

  • 1 Daily Planner Notepad(30 days)

  • 1 Pack of sticky notes

  • 1 Pack of disinfectant wipes

  • 1 bag of Pauliig presidentti Coffee

  • Assortment selection of tea

  • 1 XL Kitchen towel roll

  • 1 set of toilet paper(8rll)

  • 1 pair of cleaning gloves

  • 1 bottle of dishwashing soap

  • 1 bottle of laundry soap

  • 3 3o L scented trash bags


Office essentials pack

Designed with the needs of modern professionals in mind, this comprehensive package combines essential office supplies with cleaning essentials and indulgent treats to ensure your home office is both functional and inviting. With our comprehensive subscription service, you'll have access to essential office supplies, cleaning materials, and refreshments, all conveniently delivered to your doorstep. We are experts in providing packaged essentials from our experience with home essentials for those moving into Finland.

Why Choose Us?

Reliable service

Count on us to deliver quality products on time, every time, backed by responsive customer support to address any concerns.

Value for money

Our subscription model offers cost savings compared to purchasing items individually, helping you maximize your budget and most importantly, your time, for other business needs.

Expertise and support

As specialists in packaging home essentials, we're here to support you every step of the way. From personalized recommendations to responsive customer service, we're committed to ensuring your home office operates smoothly and efficiently.

Focus on Sustainability

We prioritize eco-friendly practices, from our packaging materials to our product selection, supporting your commitment to sustainability while enhancing your workspace.

Get Ready to Unlock Productivity and Improve Comfort!

With our Subscription Box, you’ll get convenience, productivity, and office essentials  delivered right to you.




*Subscriptions will be invoiced automatically every month until canceled. 

Got Questions? We’ve Got You Covered!

Chat with us or call us on +358 45 165 8117

email: info@kikishomebox.com

Address: Niityportti 2 A 13. 02200, Espoo.


What if I don’t like the pack?

We always hope that our subscribers LOVE their products. If you don't for any reason, send us a message and as part of our happiness guarantee, we'll send you a free replacement item with your next shipment. 
Only active subscribers can request replacement items, and you can only do so once every 6 months. If your subscription is canceled or expired, you won't be able to replace an item.
We're confident you'll love the items in your  subscription box. But if you don't, let us know and we'll replace in your next shipment, free of charge. We just want to make you happy.

Where do you ship to?

We currently ship anywhere within Finland. 

How do I cancel or skip my subsription?

Canceling is easy! You can log into your account, click "Cancel" and then confirm your choice. If you need a break, you also have the option to skip a crate, and your crate plan will just go on a month longer.

What payment method do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal.